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Software engineering today is both an art and a science.  You learn about ones and zeros, but applying it’s way more than that.  As your host, I’ll be introducing you to everything I wish I knew about software engineering when I started and together we will speak with leaders and fellow engineers to learn their tricks and experiences.

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Like it or not, every one of us is a leader in someones' eyes. Leadership styles vary greatly, but true leadership is about a few important skills you need to nurture.


Everything is invented once. The process of creating truly great solutions means innovating new ways of doing things - challenging assumptions - and releasing code.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is made up of four simple concepts you should know. If you don't yet know why YOU make the decisions you do, its hard to see the reason in the choices others are making around you.

Interviewing / Recruiting

Hiring, firing, and building quality teams is normally thought of as a manager skill, though more and more Agile Teams are being asked to self-manage their members.

Dev Ops

When we establish "us" vs. "them" hierarchies in companies there are benefits, but more often, significant drawbacks that can cripple an organization. True dev ops is more than just communication of change...


Agile is not the same as Scrum - regardless of what you've been taught. Agile has many flavors - many which work better depending on your project and needs at the time.

Continuous Learning

The cloud has been around for over a decade now, but only recently has had a surge in popularity/utilization. If you learned software engineering 10 years ago you'd be completely unprepared.


Software and construction have many overlapping titles and metaphors - how many are realistic and how many are out of convenience. We will explore this connection.

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