Trailer – Everything Beyond the Code™

Trailer – Everything Beyond the Code™

I’m setting the table for what the Building You Podcast (BYP) is all about.  

It’s not another software engineering podcast, it’s a podcast for software engineers.  It’s everything that you need to know about being successful in your software engineering journey without getting bogged down in the details of how to code.  It aimed at every level of the software engineering organizational chart – from new grads, career changers, to up and coming engineers, to managers and leaders in organizations that want to grow beyond the status quo.

In just a few short weeks I’ve interviewed several influential minds in software.  These are people that I respect greatly for their unique perspectives and thought leadership in their field.  I plan to release an episode every Sunday to help get you off on the right foot for your week to come.  Thank you for your interest in making this podcast great.

If you have a question, thought, or would like to be a guest on the show – visit to connect with me.

Jon Freeman
Host, Building You Podcast